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  • JJY-116

  • Electric Neck Massager


    The Portable Electronic Pulse Neck Massager sits comfortably around the neck offering four traditional Chinese medical massage mode.

    1. Features:

    1) Electronic pulse & Magnet therapy;

    2) Shiatsu Massage Just Where You Need It;

    3) Four ancient traditional Chinese medical massage modes;

    4) Operates on built-in rechargeable batteries for portability and convenience;

    5) Easy-To-Use Integrated Control

    6) Ergonomically designed, elastic strap closure ensures snug, comfortable fit.

    Product Efficacy :

    1. Renew to the natural bend constitute, release and eliminate bone hyperplasia.

    2. Eliminate edema, inflammation, improve shortage of head blood supplying.

    3. Release the pain from nerve pressure.

    4. Improve deep sleep.

    5. Regulate enginery of neck and relative organize.


    1pc Neck Massager

    1pc adaptor

    1pc English Manual

    1pc gift box